Are you considering opening an online store to sell your products or services? It’s a major step and many things need to be reviewed when deciding if this is something that will be profitable.

When a potential client comes to us asking about building an e-commerce site, we sit down with them and give them an honest assessment of what all is involved, including time and financial investment as well as what is necessary to compete online.

We’re frank with the clients, providing a full range of pros and cons. Success with e-commerce requires 100{e112fc20d1361cb57f9ee4ce28f3c69a90b0bc6ae30a0cf026b9f415bdd863df} dedication to “seeing it through”.

The good thing is, if a potential client does decide to move forward, we are ready to be there all the way and our dedicated servers are a perfect solution to handle your shopping carts and secure payment processing.

From your hosting account you can 1-click install some of the top shopping cart systems available…including a few open source ones such as Zen-Cart. Our top recommendation is SunShop. Whatever your choice we’ll take care of the install, setup and visual aspects of the shopping cart software.

We’ll work with you to setup shipping and payment options, including SSL certificates and payment gateway(s) integration. Depending on your needs, we may even assist in adding product or just train you or your employees how to enter products/images/etc.

As mentioned, if you’re considering moving into e-commerce, contact us and let’s setup a free consultation. Even if you don’t decide to use our services you’ll at least have an honest, experienced perspective to take with you. Also, if you are already attempting to sell online and seeing no success, maybe we can help. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to sit down and review what you’re doing currently and see where improvements/upgrades and enhancements can be made.